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[sticky post] i am still alive.

Who would have thought that I am going to post something again HAHAHA definitely not me.

I have opened all my fics/stories in public so you guys don't need to add me anymore as a friend. As usual, lay-low with the harsh comments. pity my faint heart, alright? :)

I'll change nothing in this journal.

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今日は !

hellooooo ~^^

it's been so long since i posted something and i feel so guilty. /sobs/ >_<

i was actually surprised about the amount of messages i've recieved about my fics esp. INTIW and questions about me completing my fics.

i will complete all my on-going fics but honestly speaking, i don't know when i'm able to.

i am very busy as of the moment; training, thesis writing & tutoring japanese children. but i will finish them all that i PROMISE you all. keep my word okay?

and about the fic that i'm suppose to post like a few months ago(?). My professor on Lit is still on vacation and she haven't given back our stories. I don't have a copy of them for they are hand-written, so yeah. but the moment they are returned, i'll post it as soon as possible.

Thank you guys for supporting me until now. ❤

/mushroomkey <3


hello ~^^ how are you guys? :) I actually don't know if someone will read this post but I'll post/share this anyway.

My professor in Literature asked us to write anything, may it be poem, story, novel, essay, thesis etc. in our 3 meetings. At first I was like what do I have to write? I don't know how to write anymore but then my prof said; I don't mind reading fanfics, she said with a grin and everyone laugh except me. One of my british classmate said that she's going to write a 1D ff and she really did. Fast forward, I wrote a YunJae ff which I submitted to my professor. She said that she likes it which is really a good thing esp. for me who had given up writing.

I want to share it with you guys, to those who supported me all through out the time I'm still writing. Hopefully, I'd be able to post it in a day or two. Ü

/mushroomkey ❤


Everything was white in the room where only beeping of the machine and calm breathing can be heard.. Two people stands in the foot of the bed of a beautiful man that refrained to wake up from his deep slumber..

“it’s been months Yunho-ah, why can’t he wake up?”.. a girl named Ara asked, voice trembling as she refrain herself to cry..
The man named Yunho didn’t reply, he just kept his gaze on to his beautiful best friend..

“he got paler”.. he said to himself as he walked to the side of the bed, left hand reaching to caress the angelic face..

“Jaejoong – ah”.. he whispered lovingly, then the cardiac machine started to beep frantically, that made the tall man move backwards.  The girl run towards the top of the bed and press the emergency button as many as she can..

He slowly slid down from the wall to where he was leaning to when what the doctor said registered in his brain..
“n-no”.. he mumbled repeatedly like a mantra.. while the other’s body was trembling as she cried her heart out..

“i’m so sorry Jung-sshi, Go-sshi, but we did our best, his body is not responding though all his vitals are well functioning, as if he choose to not to wake up anymore. Call me if you made a decision but kept in mind that if we kept him here, nothing would change, nothing”.. and the doctor left them..

Yunho stood up, face blank as he walked towards his girlfriend.. She looked up, tears staining her pretty face.. “let’s break up”.. is all he said before he walked away not waiting for her reply..

She kept her gaze until he was out of her sight.. “we really should”.. she whispered before she stood up from the chair and glanced at the window to where her best friend is lying..

Their breakup was a talk in the university but they didn’t care until one day Yunho snapped when he heard someone said that Jaejoong hurt and eventually tried killed himself just to break the two of them.. He punched the daylight out of the man that said that, only stopping when Ara asked him to..

Why the breakup was that easy? The answer is simple..


Ara chose Yunho because Jaejoong said..

“if i will be given a chance to look masculine like other man are, i would choose to be like Yunho”. and he smiled sweetly at him

Yunho chose Are because Jaejoong said..

“Ara is so pretty right? If i were a girl, i would like to look like her, everything about her”.. his eyes were sparkling beautifully as he said those words..

So since the start of their relationship, they didn’t love each other but the one that wants to be them..

i wrote this 3 years ago. <//3


read me.

all post are NOW opened for public but i must warn you that
my chaptered fics are ALL on-going.
don't hate me esp. with I Never Thought I Would.
you don't know how much i wanted to end that story. TT______TT
and i'm still on HIATUS for life.
i don't like to write anymore. OOPPSSS!

and i only write 윤재 (YunJae)Collapse )

[FANFIC] Heart's Memory - Eight (Part 2)

[FANFIC] Heart's Memory - Eight (Part 1)

Yunho | Jaejoong

Summary: Inside his head, Yunho did forget about him and what they have, but inside his heart, Jaejoong doubts.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

note: this is fiction. medical explanation included in this chapter is made by my uncreative mind.

Part 1Collapse )

so true !!


[FANFIC] Inevitable - Four a

Yunho | Jaejoong
Summary: He should have known that love is inevitable (unavoidable).

Four.aCollapse )

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